Welcome to the Sentinel RMS API Reference Guide

This guide provides complete information about the API functions supported by Sentinel RMS v9.6 and SCL Add-on for RMS.

SCL Add on combines the license enforcement features of Sentinel RMS, the license provisioning and entitlement management features of Sentinel EMS and the cloud platform. It provides benefit of cloud-served licensing to applications deployed in customer's network or hosted online. Usage collection and reporting is the most significant advantage obtained with cloud-served licensing.

Looking for the Earlier Sentinel RMS API Documentation?

If you are looking for the Traditional RMS API (VLS) documentation, go through the pages listed under the topic: Traditional RMS API (On-premises Deployment)

Looking for License Generation API?

Since v9.1.0, this guide does not contain information about the Sentinel RMS License Generation API (VLScg). These functions allow you to create the customized RMS license generation options instead of using the WlscGen and lscgen utilities or Sentinel EMS. These API are now available in a separate document and can be accessed using the link provided here.

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