Protection Against Time Tampering

Software licensing may break down if the customer sets back the system time to prevent license expiration. Sentinel RMS can detect time tampering beyond the grace period of 24 hours, if specified at the time of license generation. By default,

>The short-numeric licenses codes are enabled to detect time tampering. This setting cannot be modified when generating licenses using WlscGen/lscgen.

>The long license codes are not enabled to detect time tampering. However, you can override this default setting at the time of license generation.

NOTE   By default, time tampering enabled licenses are able to handle the day light savings time (DST) changes.

Using the VLSconfigureTimeTamper API function you can modify the following default settings for time tampering-enabled licenses:

>The method of detecting time tampering

>The action taken on time tampering detection

>The default grace period (24 hours)

Enhanced Time Tampering Detection Mechanism

Due to UNIX operating system changes, Sentinel RMS time tampering mechanism has been enhanced in RMS v9.6.

If you are a new user or planning to upgrade to RMS (V9.6 or later), standalone perstistence must be initialized with the latest library. Further, this enhancement is not compatible with previously released versions of RMS.